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EuroMillions celebrates Easter with a special Raffle Draw
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The EuroMillions lottery is offering a very special draw this Friday, as it promises to make at least 10 players millionaires.In the lead up to The Easter Weekend, the EuroMillions is set out to ensure that at least 10 of its players will be celebrating the long weekend one million pounds richer thanks to Friday night's Millionaire Raffle draw. All tickets purchased in the UK will automatically include an entry for the Millionaire Raffle, giving every UK based lottery player an equal chance of winning the millions.For every single Tuesday and Friday evening draw during the normal week, one EuroMillions player becomes a millionaire, and that is on top of the jackpot prize that is on offer for every single EuroMillions member country. This Friday the jackpot is worth an estimated £27 million for a lucky player in one of the 13 member countries across the continent.EuroMillions officials announced last week, on Wednesday April 2nd, that they would be creating 10 UK millionaires this Friday 11th April, and confirmed that the raffle draw will take place as normal after the main EuroMillions draw, with ten separate raffle codes being drawn that will match ten lottery tickets. The EuroMillions lottery draw will take place in Paris while the raffle draw is organised by Camelot, the same organisers of the UK Lotto, and takes place in London.The EuroMillions lottery often organise special Millionaire Raffle events and guarantee to make extra players millionaires, often seeing 100 players win £1 million. The 100 Millionaires raffles are often held to coincide with a special nationwide event, such as the opening of the Olympic Games in July 2012. That particular draw currently holds the record for the most millionaires created in one evening, as 97 players out of the 100 winners claimed their prizes.At Christmas in 2011, the EuroMillions lottery declared the month of December ‘Millionaires Month’, and made 50 people millionaires in the space of just one month. Extending the Millionaire Raffle concept, in the spring of last year one lucky UK EuroMillions player won £12 million just by matching the correct raffle numbers. May 31st 2013 was the first and only time the UK Millionaire Raffle has paid out a prize fund worth £1 million every month for a year.There are also often special versions of the raffle game held around the festive season, often resulting in European lottery games on or close to Christmas Day or New Year’s Day creating up to 100 millionaires.Make sure you get your tickets now at for your chance to win one of many million pound prizes.