EuroMillions Jackpot Up to €217 million (approx. £189 million)

EuroMillions Jackpot Up to €217 million (approx. £189 million)

EuroMillions Jackpot Up to €217 million (approx. £189 million)

Will we see a big lottery win in the next day or so? There are massive jackpots in tonight’s Powerball draw and tomorrow’s EuroMillions and Mega Millions draws. Don’t forget to buy tickets from Lottery24.

Will the Powerball jackpot be won?

The trio of massive jackpots begins tonight with the Powerball draw. Monday evening sees the top prize at $412 million (£328 million). The Powerball jackpot hasn’t been won since October 11 when a ticket purchased in California won an incredible $1.765 billion.

There’s only been five Powerball jackpots won in 2023 but the last two have both been over $1 billion. Before the October success, a ticket sold in California in July scooped $1.08 billion.

No EuroMillions Superdraw winner

Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw  produced a rollover. Tomorrow the top prize is a fantastic €217 million (approx. £189 million) and if won, it’ll be the third highest jackpot win in EuroMillions history.

No tickets were able to match: 4-10-14-38-50 and the two Lucky Stars 09 and 12. There were some near misses though with six tickets matching the five main numbers but just one Lucky Star.

One was sold in the UK winning its owner(s) £183,484.40. France and Spain both sold a couple of second-tier winning tickets with one each being sold in Ireland each winning €266,632.90.

If Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw ends in a rollover, we’ll be well on the way to a record jackpot cap of €240 million.(£209 million).

Massive Mega Millions jackpot

Also on Tuesday, the Mega Millions top prize is $377 million (£301 million) after another rollover in Friday’s draw. The last time a ticket managed to win the Mega Millions jackpot was on October 6. On that occasion, it was a ticket sold in San Angelo, Texas, that won a $361 million top prize.

2023 has seen the Mega Millions jackpot won nine times. Twice the top prize has gone through the billion dollar barrier. January saw a player in Maine win $1.348 billion. Seven months later a ticket purchased in Florida scooped a $1.602 billion top prize.

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