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EuroMillions Mega Friday made its debut on Halloween
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The EuroMillions Mega Friday special draw took place for the first time on October 31st, offering 25 players a huge prize of £1 million as well as a luxury vacation to Makepeace Island.The new EuroMillions special draw, which will take place on the last Friday of every month, places a spin on the regular Millionaire Raffle draw, which guarantees one millionaire in the UK twice a week. Mega Friday instead made 25 people millionaire and gave each of them a millionaire’s luxury holiday to Makepeace Island.While 25 people did become millionaires last night, there was also the EuroMillions lottery jackpot of £11.7 million which was up for grabs on Halloween night. However, no players were able to match all of the numbers 10, 13, 20, 33 and 41 as well as both of the Lucky Stars 3 and 9 to take home the entire jackpot.There were five players instead who matched the five main numbers and one out of the two Lucky Stars to win the second tier prize of £255,073, and ten players won the third tier prize of £59,299. Other winners found themselves with amounts varying between £2.80 and £2,415 depending on how many of the numbers they matched.Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the Mega Millions numbers were drawn in New York on the same night, where the total jackpot was worth a breathtaking $284 million. This jackpot has been rolling over for several weeks, and is yet to find a ticket holder who can claim all of the bounty.Numbers 11, 29, 36, 58 and 67 were drawn in the multi-state lottery as well as the Mega Ball of 15, but no players were able to match all of the numbers to take home the top prize. Instead, the lottery will roll over again and on Tuesday, November 4th it will be worth an estimated total of $321 million.Despite there being no jackpot winners, there were five players that matched the first five numbers only and won a $1 million prize fund. One of these winners was found in New York, two in New Jersey and two in California.The next big winner could be you, so purchase your lottery tickets online at