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More EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle winners revealed
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EuroMillions created 25 instant millionaires in its New Year’s Day Millionaires Raffle, as well as a lottery jackpot winner in its New Year’s Day draw. Of those 25 new millionaires, three lottery winning couples have already been revealed. Probably the most remarkable story so far is that of couple Claire McManus and Scott Connah from North Wales.

If it wasn’t for their friend’s honest mistake, they wouldn’t be making the headlines as lottery winners or be £1m richer. According to the Daily Mail, the couple asked their friend to purchase a scratchcard from the corner shop, but what she came back with was a Euromillions ticket.

Obviously Claire McManus is delighted, and reportedly said: “This is the best misunderstanding I've ever had. It is simply amazing. We buy the odd scratchcard but don't normally play the lottery. We asked our friend to get us a scratchcard, but she came back with a EuroMillions ticket instead.

The news is still sinking in.” For couple Sue and James Schofield of Rhoswiel near Oswestry, a win on the lottery is not a new thing. The couple have previously won a very small amount, which is why Sue Schofield initially didn’t bat an eyelid when her husband told her the good news. He said: “The last time I won it was £2.50 and I jokingly announced to Sue we’d won the Lottery. I said exactly the same thing this time, but as Sue thought I was being silly, she didn’t believe me. I told her to hold onto the ticket as I shouted out the numbers and letters from the raffle code.” And finally couple Roberta and Barry Little from Dumfries will enjoy a much more financially secure year since winning £1m on the EuroMillions New Year’s Day Raffle.

Like many people in the UK, the last few years have been a struggle for the Little family, but now they can enjoy life again thanks to their lotto winnings.

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