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EuroMillions player dreamed of lucky number before winning £150,000
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A EuroMillions player is thanking her dreams for the fact that she won a life-changing amount of money on the lottery, and says that if she hadn’t dreamed it, she wouldn’t have won it.Leah Gomersall from Henley is a regular Friday night EuroMillions player, but last month she dreamed that she should play the lottery on the Tuesday night as well, and that decision won her £150,000. But it wasn’t just the date of the draw that was different thanks to Ms Gomersall’s dream; she also dreamed that she should use the number 47 on her ticket.She then went on to match five numbers and one out of the two lucky stars in the draw on Tuesday, August 19th, which won her over £150,000. After the dream had left her with the number 47 in her head, Ms Gomersall went and bought a EuroMillions ticket and used the numbers 4 and 7 in a variety of combinations, and she accidentally picked the number 34 instead of 43 as she had planned to do.Her luck, dreams and accidents were what led to her winning £157,766.50 in the EuroMillions draw, while one more lucky star could have bagged her the jackpot that was, at the time, worth £43 million. Ms Gomersall, a part time sales assistant, said that she never expected this to happen as she is not a very lucky person.However she has now proved that her luck has changed, and is celebrating her win with her elderly mother whom she lives with and cares for. The pair play the lottery once a week and keep the tickets in a lucky frog ornament; “it looks like the luck has come through!” said Ms Gomersall.The lottery winner plans to use the money to treat her daughter, and she has already spent some of it on a new mobility scooter for her mother as well as a digital recliner chair. She said that she will not change any of her habits despite winning such a large amount of money, and will put the rest of the money in the bank to gather interest.Don’t miss your chance of also becoming a winner and purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at