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EuroMillions rule changes means more money for charity
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EuroMillions rule changes means more money for charity

The National Lottery has announced EuroMillions rule changes. It will mean that more money will go towards charitable causes.

Giving more money to good causes

Every time you play a National Lottery game, a proportion of your ticket cost goes towards good causes. That is no different with the EuroMillions, and officials want to deliver even more to these projects.The amount given to these projects is worked out based on several different factors. One of those is the proportion of ticket sales made available to pay out prizes.

A larger proportion of ticket sales will go to charities

The EuroMillions rule changes proposed by the National Lottery will alter this slightly. At the moment, 85p of every EuroMillions ticket purchased goes towards the UK Millionaire Maker game.That amount won’t change, but the percentage of prize money versus charity money will change. 42% of that 85p currently goes into the prize money pot. Now, 30% will go towards prizes.These EuroMillions rule changes mean that less money will go into the final prize pot. More money will instead go into the Big Lotto Fund.

No effect on the way you play EuroMillions

This might all sound a bit confusing. Don’t worry, your chances of winning EuroMillions won’t change. The prize available in the UK Millionaire Maker will also remain at £1 million.The Millionaire Maker is a supplementary game to the EuroMillions and launched almost 10 years ago. Since November 2009 more than £1.7 billion has been paid out in life-changing prizes.There is one guaranteed winner in every draw. That winner will take home a huge £1 million prize.This change will go into effect from 14 July.

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