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EuroMillions: the story of an office syndicate shrouded in controversy
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Don’t you hate it when you’re off sick from work for a day and something great happens, one of your colleagues brings in a cake, the boss gives a long lunch, or you get an early finish? What about if you miss a day at work and your colleagues win the lottery without you?That’s what happened to Louise Whitby, who was off work with severe morning sickness and wasn’t able to pay her share of the office lottery syndicate. When she returned to work the next day, the rest of her colleagues were nowhere to be seen, because they’d won the £28 million EuroMillions jackpot.The ten colleagues have remained anonymous since their EuroMillions win, but since the EuroMillions draw Louise has claimed that she should be entitled to her share of the £28 million jackpot. She claims that she had asked if somebody could pay for her share of the lottery tickets, to be repaid when she returned to work, but her colleagues suggested she should buy her own lottery tickets as she wasn’t in the office to participate in the EuroMillions syndicate.Miss Whitby is resolute in her claim that she should have a share of the euro lottery winnings, and she has hired a lawyer to help her to recover what she believes is rightly hers. Between the ten former employees of A4e employment advisors, they have each won a total of £2.8 million in lottery winnings. If Miss Whitby is added into the mix their prizes would decrease by only £300,000 each to £2.5 million.A small portion of a huge EuroMillions fortune, surely that would be worth it for the former colleagues to remain friends? Miss Whitby insisted that they were close co-workers, as the only employees in the office, and since the lottery draw she will not be speaking to her former colleagues again.The EuroMillions draw on 9th July 2013 found its 11th UK jackpot winner in the last 18 months, quite a feat for the UK National Lottery!If you want to try your luck, buy your EuroMillions tickets online at In this way, you will never miss a draw!