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EuroMillions winner documents his millionaire’s lifestyle through social media
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Ever since Matt Myles, 27, discovered that he had won £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery, he has lived in a very interesting way living the high life, and documented it for all to see.Ten weeks ago Matt Myles won £1 million on the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle, and from the very moment that he realised he had won, every detail of his new millionaire’s lifestyle has been posted online. From watching England play in the World Cup to driving supercars around a world-famous track, Matt has certainly made the most of his new found fortune.Within two days of having his win confirmed by the EuroMillions lottery, Matt quit his job in a factory and was already off on his travels around the world, vowing that his life would never be the same again. Matt swapped his rented flat and 12 hour working days for luxury hotels, vintage champagne and what he describes as true happiness.The 27 year old said “I can’t stop laughing about how incredibly my life has changed. They say money can’t buy happiness, but I have never been happier.” Despite his ascertain that he is living his dream, Matt ensures that he is grateful for his good fortune, as it is what has got him where he is today.Matt is travelling with his brother Pete, 26 and his best friend Joe Wills, and says that he very nearly threw his lottery ticket away before realising that he’d won. “I almost threw it away because my numbers didn’t come up,” he told the press from across the world. “But then I realised I had the first three letters of the millionaire’s raffle on the ticket.” After checking that they matched, Matt called friends in Bali to ask them to double check for him, as they were the only people he knew would be awake at that time.Picking up the travel costs for himself, his brother and his mate, Matt said that he is going to be sensible with his money, and has set himself a limit of £100,000 for this trip. The boys have already spent time in Bali, Thailand and Brazil, and plan to take in the sights of Ibiza, Peru, Australia, the USA, China and Egypt amongst other places before their trip comes to an end.Next happy winner could be you, so purchase your EuroMillions tickets now at