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Euromillions winner forced to give up the day job
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Most people can only dream of winning the lottery and giving up work, but for some lottery winners that dream has become a reality. The Bayfords, who won £148 million on EuroMillions, chose to keep life as regular as possible after winning the second largest lottery jackpot in August 2012. And that included Mr. Bayford continuing to run his shop, the Suffolk Music Centre, with business partner Richard Hudspith.

However, since winning the lottery, Mr. Bayford has continued to receive ‘abusive money demands’ from strangers, and has felt the need to close his business. Posters advertising a closing down sale were spotted in his shop window before Christmas.

According to the Telegraph, when Mr. Bayford returned to his shop after winning the EuroMillions jackpot in August, he was greeted with piles of letters from strangers requesting a slice of the lotto money. He said of the situation at the time: “You might be able to keep £4 million or £5 million quiet, but not £148 million.” "I have just come back to the shop for a couple of hours to try and sort out some of the mail, and hopefully get back to some sort of normality.” "We just want to get on with everyday life. We have had a lot of media attention up in Scotland, but hopefully it will die down a bit now.” "There are letters here from all over the world, but you can't help everyone.

There have even been people coming over from France and Germany to deliver letters in person. We have some ideas of people we would like to help, but we have not made any decisions yet.” "Everyone in the town has been pleased for us, and we do plan to stay here, but we do have to think about security now, especially for the children.”

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