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EuroMillions winners: don’t give up the day job
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The reason people play the lottery is to win. They strive to take home the often life-changing lottery jackpot and for good reason, as the news of lottery winners just keeps on coming. After all somebody’s got to win it... and next time it could be you.

So it would be fair to say that most people have given some consideration about what to do with a lotto windfall. These life-changing lottery jackpot amounts are just that, life-changing. With the new addition of literally millions to your bank account it would be possible to adopt a completely new lifestyle.

How exciting would it be to liberate yourself from the day-to-day monotony of your current life? Give up work. Buy a new home and car, or even multiple homes and cars. But why stop there? Why not move to an entirely different country or split your time between several? Why not live in a penthouse suite in a hotel and have everything done for you? Why not?

Okay, it must take a little time to adjust to the endless possibilities winning the EuroMillions or National lottery throws at you, but surely giving up the day job would be the first satisfying act of liberation you’d take? It would seem not. Very few lottery winners have expressed a desire to give up work when interviewed about their win.

This includes recent EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford who won £148 million with his wife Gillian in August this year. In fact he appears to be continuing a very hands-on approach to running his music shop with his business partner. Perhaps the news just hasn’t completely sunk in yet, or he’s not let it go to his head. Either way, Mr. Bayford could afford to give up work and live very comfortably in the future with £148m under his belt, but each to his own.

What would you do if you were in the Bayford’s enviable position? Would you be as reticent or would you enjoy your lotto good fortune to the max?

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