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EuroMillions winner’s ex-girlfriends reveals winning the lottery was bound to happen to him
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As Neil Trotter won the £107.9 million EuroMillions jackpot in March, his ex-girlfriend was in Mexico on her honeymoon. Upon discovering the news of her previous partner becoming a multi-millionaire, she said it was ‘typical’ and was bound to happen.Car mechanic and racing car driver Neil Trotter took home the EuroMillions top prize in March after extraordinarily predicting just that lunchtime that he would wake up a millionaire. When this miraculously did happen, however, his ex-girlfriend Mrs Hamilton, with whom he has a ten year old daughter, was sunning herself in Cancun, Mexico on a honeymoon with her new husband.Despite their split, the pair remain on good terms and share custody of their daughter; however Mr Trotter insisted that despite Mrs Hamilton being the mother of his child, he wouldn’t be looking to share his winnings with her.When asked if, now that he had won big on the lottery, he would be buying his ex-partner a new house, Mr Trotter laughed off the suggestion, and said he thought Mrs Hamilton and her new husband were rich enough as it is. Addressing the press at his big lottery reveal last month, Mr Trotter explained “She’s just got married. He’s in Formula 1. They are well off and live just up the road from me.”When Mrs Hamilton caught light of the news that Mr Trotter had fulfilled his dream of winning the lottery, she sent him a message saying “That’s just typical of you, Trotter!” According to family members, Mrs Hamilton isn’t bitter about what’s happened and is enjoying her life as it is at the moment.Mr Trotter has revealed that he plans to spend his lottery winnings on his main passion in life, which is car racing, as well as also treating his current girlfriend, Nicky, who he has been with for eight years now. Mr Trotter immediately left his job as a mechanic after the lottery win and plans to make the most of his new found wealth, enjoying luxury holidays, new cars, a mansion or two and shopping sprees with his partner.If this sounds like the life for you, then why not give yourself a chance of following in the footsteps of the likes of Mr Trotter by giving the EuroMillions a go online with us at