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EuroMillions Winners Reveal their Big Secret
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EuroMillions Winners Reveal their Big Secret

In 2019 Frances and Patrick Connolly won a £114.9 million EuroMillions jackpot. Since then, they have been using their great win to help others. Now their PFC Trust charity has helped the Hartlepool Carers and Stockton’s Eastern Ravens in the north east of England and revealed the big secret they’d been keeping.

Holiday Homes Purchased

Their charity  was founded after their EuroMillions win. It had already raised £50,000 during the UChangeLives25 fundraising campaign. This saw a holiday home being provided. Now they have bought a second caravan at Parkdean Resorts’ Cresswell Holiday Park in Druridge Bay, Northumberland.

Frances has deep affection for Hartlepool after living there for nearly 25 years before their EuroMillions win came along. She said: “I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the people of Hartlepool, Teesside and beyond.To put such an effort of time, money and support into this at such a difficult time is inspiring and I am proud to have been a small part of the endeavour.

Big Secret Revealed

The past few weeks has seen the EuroMillions winning couple keeping a big secret. They didn’t want to overshadow the work of the PFC Trust, but all the time had planned to buy a second caravan. This means both the Eastern Ravens and Hartlepool Carers will have a holiday home and can be shared if necessary thanks to the EuroMillions winners.

 The UC25 campaign had seen over 60 groups and individuals carry out sponsored challenges to raise the £50,000 target. Some of the young carers and their families have already paid the caravans a visit.

Christine Fewster is the chief executive of Hartlepool Carers. Speaking about the fundraising efforts, she said that “#UC25 is a legacy that will support many young carers and their families across Hartlepool and Stockton for years to come.”

The chief executive was full of praise for the PFC Trust and Mrs Connolly. “We are also extremely grateful to the PFC Trust and Frances. Without them we would not have the opportunity to enable young people to get a break from their caring role,” she said.

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