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EuroMillions is won as Mega Millions rolls over again
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The EuroMillions lottery was last night won by a single ticket holder, while the Mega Millions game rolled over once more.Both of the major Friday night draws were offering some very attractive jackpots, with the EuroMillions being worth an estimated £68 million, and the Mega Millions approximately $72 million. While both of these lotteries have enjoyed a string of consecutive rollovers, only one of them will continue to rollover for next week’s Wednesday draw.One lucky ticket holder was able to match all of the five main numbers and both of the lucky stars to take home the EuroMillions jackpot, which had a final value of £68,362,889. That one winning ticket was purchased in Ireland, giving the nation its second EuroMillions jackpot win of the year.The winner will take home his or her prize after matching the numbers 6, 8, 34, 38 and 48 as well as both of the lucky stars 3 and 9. Another two tickets were able to take home the second tier prize in the draw, which amounted to £715,600 thanks to their matching the first five numbers and one out of the two lucky stars.There was also the UK Millionaire Raffle which created one guaranteed millionaire on Friday, as well as more than 2.7 million other consolation prizes ranging from a few pounds to over £25,000. The next draw on Tuesday, September 23rd will revert back to the original starting jackpot of £11 million.Meanwhile, another lottery game that has been growing of late is the Mega Millions game, the USA’s multi-state lottery that for its Friday night draw was worth an estimated $72 million. Competing with its multi-state rival the Powerball lottery, which is currently showing off a jackpot worth more than $100 million, the Mega Millions attracted a lot of players for its game on Friday.Unfortunately, however, not one of those players was able to match all of the numbers in the game, sending the jackpot rolling over once more. Numbers 16, 25, 27, 29 and 34 as well as the Mega Ball of 2 proved too much, and the jackpot will be worth $83 million for its next draw on Tuesday, September 23rd.Don’t miss your chance to win those stunning prizes and purchase your lottery tickets online at