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Family Members in Dispute over $1.2m Chase the Ace Lottery Win
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A family dispute has broken out over a $1.2m Chase the Ace lottery win. Barb Reddick from Guysborough in Nova Scotia, Canada is defending her bid to prevent her nephew Tyrone MacInnis from sharing the win even though both of their names are on the winning ticket.It’s the latest win in Nova Scotia after a couple won a $1.7m Lotto 6/49 prize.  This latest win came in the July 11 Chase the Ace draw with the family members sharing the $1,222,639 jackpot. Reddick, 57, attended a celebratory event the following day with her 19-year-old nephew but shocked those present when she claimed all the win should be hers.The disgruntled Chase the Ace winner said she’d sent MacInnis money to buy $100 worth of tickets and told him to put his name on them for “good luck.” “Yeah he was lucky, but not for half a million dollars,” Reddick told TV reporters and added that there had been no discussion between the pair about sharing any Chase the Ace winnings and said she had only planned on giving her nephew $150,000 if she were lucky enough to win the top prize.The Guysborough resident said that her nephew had purchased other Chase the Ace tickets and not put her name on any of them.  She commented: “I’m not greedy, if he would have won, I wouldn’t have (gotten) nothing out of him.”It’s the latest Canadian lottery dispute after Brett McCoy failed to be awarded half of his estranged wife’s $60m Lotto Max win.  Canadians Denise Robertson and Maurice Thibeault are in dispute over a $6.1m Lotto 6/49 windfall.Reddick added, “Tyrone’s like a son to me. I bought Tyrone everything… and he wanted big-ticket items.”  She added that she’d recently bought her nephew a car and every month sends him cheques to help with college expenses.Wins are often shared, recently two Canadians from Ontario split a $20.48m Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Also sharing winners were $50,000 Powerball winners David White from Maryland, USA and his friend, ‘New Jersey Gal.’The Chase the Ace dispute seems to have ended their relationship with the 57-year-old saying that she will never speak to her nephew again and had already contacted a lawyer over the issue, commenting: “It don’t matter if the judge give me the money back or not” and for her it’s all about “the principle” of the situation.Purchase all your tickets online at, it's quick and easy.