Forgotten Ticket Wins $5 million Saturday Lotto Prize

Forgotten Ticket Wins $5 million Saturday Lotto Prize

Forgotten Ticket Wins $5 million Saturday Lotto Prize

Do you sometimes forget buying a lottery ticket? A man in his twenties from Maribymong in Victoria, Australia, did just that. It’s no surprise therefore that he was rather shocked to discover a $5 million Saturday Lotto win.

A laugh

Another question is why do you buy lottery tickets? This winner admits that he bought his Saturday Lotto ticket “for a laugh.” Well, he’s laughing all the way to the bank now.

His ticket had been purchased a week before the May 11 Saturday Lotto draw. It wasn’t registered so the lottery company had no idea who had won the $5 million. The actual winner only remembered that he’d got a ticket to check three days after the draw had taken place.

He was at work at the time and had to wait until he got home to finally check it. Cue a massive shock as he explained: “I didn’t see this coming. I just kept scanning it again and again. This is insane! It’s crazy." Last month  a family from Southern Sydney won a $900,000 Saturday Lotto prize.

Now he plans to use his Saturday Lotto winnings to get married and buy a new home for them to live in. He also wants to ensure that his windfall sets them up “for future family life”. Although he’s now a millionaire, retirement is not being considered.


The Saturday Lotto winner says that he is not a regular player. Coming to terms with his win isn’t easy though. “I’m just trying to soak it all in. It’s life-changing,” he told lottery officials.

His winning ticket was purchased from the Nextra Highpoint in Maribyrnong. It’s owned by Raj Parbhakar who is delighted at the news he sold a $5 million winning ticket. This is the first division one winning ticket that has been sold by the store for over four years.

He’ll be even more delighted if selling another one this week. Thursday sees a $150 million Australian Powerball draw take place. There has been six rollovers since the last time the jackpot was won.

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