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Garson Street residents share $10m Lotto Max jackpot
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Friday 13th wasn’t an unlucky day for the residents of Garson Street in Sudbury which is in Ontario, Canada. A syndicate of 14 families won the $10m Lotto Max jackpot in the draw held that evening.Syndicate leader, Eric, regularly buys their tickets but was busy insulating his garage so his wife Amber bought six Lotto Max tickets from the Shell station at Lasalle and Barrydowne. It wasn’t until Saturday they found out about their jackpot win and it wasn’t Eric or Amber who found out. His wife had to go to Toronto so gave the tickets to neighbour Mike. He checked them on his phone and it came up ‘Big Winner’ for one of them.Quickly Mike and his wife Sherry went to tell fellow syndicate member Ryan who thought someone had been hurt as the couple barged into his house. He checked the Lotto Max ticket, then they went to the local Mini Mart and it was true, the ticket had matched 08-14-16-17-18-34-41 to win the Lotto Max jackpot. In England, four families in Peterborough celebrated after winning £30,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery.The celebrations quickly began with Sherry running down the street screaming. Amber was told and forgot all about Toronto and rushed home. Last to find out was T.J. who was working down a mine. At the end of his shift he had 400 texts on his phone, “It was the best feeling ever to come up from underground and find that out,” he said.It’s the latest big win in Ontario after Christina Panopoulos-Rowe won a $261,854.80 Lotto Max prize. Also celebrating were a group of friends who landed a $500,000 win playing Lotto Max.The Lotto Max winning residents spent the night partying and people four streets away could hear them. They were even driving a golf cart around at midnight. EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford had problems after crashing his golf cart.The $10m Lotto Max jackpot will be shared by the 14 families which comprises 26 adults and most of the group went to work as normal on Monday. Recently a factory worker in Ireland collected a €257,084 EuroMillions prize then went to work afterwards.Their Lotto Max winnings are already being used with Marty having purchased a 2018 Toyota Tundra. Syndicate member Trevor says some of his winnings will go towards his wedding next summer and others plan to help their families with education costs.You too could be the next big winner, so make sure to get your lotto tickets online at!