God Told Me I’d Win Says $65 million Gold Ball Winner

God Told Me I’d Win Says $65 million Gold Ball Winner

God Told Me I’d Win Says $65 million Gold Ball Winner

James Jutzi from Calgary in Canada is a very religious man. He’s also very rich after winning a $65 million Gold Ball jackpot on June 15.

The 64-year-old says that God intended him to one day win a huge lottery prize. He revealed that a series of dreams in 1986 saw God telling him that a big lottery win was going to happen.

Long wait

Well, it’s taken 38 years but the construction worker has finally won that big Gold Ball lottery prize.

The lucky winner said he had the dream four nights in a row in 1986. They didn’t reveal how much he’d win or when it was going to happen. He’s been playing since the 1970s but his biggest win until now had been $100.

Also included in those dreams were him buying several cars with his winnings. He’s already ensured that will come true. His mother is to receive a Cadillac Escalade and for himself, it’s going to be a Porsche 911 Turbo.

The Gold Ball winner says that he’s not a “greedy person” so he will help out other family members. .

He recalled the moment when he discovered his Gold Ball ticket had won the $65 million jackpot. The soon-to-be-millionaire had no idea he’d won.  That’s just like a recent $50,000 Powerball winner.

When he presented his ticket to be scanned, he said the store employee was “more surprised than me.”

I’m retired

Some players decide to carry on working after a big win. However, when this Gold Ball winner told his manager the good news and when asked if he was still coming into work, he said: “Absolutely not, I’m retired.”

Other plans for his Gold Ball winnings include purchasing a mansion or condo. He wants to go traveling too but not overseas. “There’s a lot to see in Canada. I don’t want to leave Canada,” he said.

The rest of his winnings will be invested. Then he can live off the interest which “would be “more in a month than I make in a year, and that’s after taxes.”

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