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Hamilton, Ontario man finally claims Canadian Lotto Max prize
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A man from Central Canada has finally claimed a $50 million Lotto Max prize five months after the draw date and said he knew all along that he was a millionaire.Dino Salciccioli won his jackpot prize on the national lottery game in March, but was sitting on the ticket for several months in order to let the reality of his win sink in and consult financial advisors and lawyers. The semi-retired landscaper is a regular lottery player, and used to buy tickets from his local store, the Grimsby Diary Mart on Main Street in Beamsville, almost every day, but he never thought that he would win.“It was unbelievably overwhelming”, Mr Salciccioli told lottery officials as he collected his Lotto Max prize this week. “I mean you joke about it – everybody jokes about it – but you never actually think it’s going to be you, it’s a game changer.”The Canadian Lotto Max millionaire joins other Ontario lottery winning residents, including some local police officers who won $5 million on the Lotto 6/49 earlier this year, and a grandfather from nearby Peterborough who won more than $10 million on the same Canadian lottery after a 35 year tradition finally paid off. However, despite reading stories such as those ones about neighbours who had won top prizes, the Lotto Max winner didn’t even think to check the lottery numbers after the draw on March 20th, and it wasn’t until he saw the numbers pop up on social media that he realised they matched exactly the numbers that had been generated on his Quick Pick ticket.“There was a lot of screaming and crying,” said Mr Salciccioli of the moment that he told his wife, and for the next five months the pair of them kept their win quiet and their ticket as safe as possible. Calling himself semi-retired, the Lotto Max winner said that he wants to keep working at least part-time because “you can’t just do nothing”.However, the Lotto Max winner said that the total prize is a huge amount, and that is why it took him so long to come forward. Another Canadian lottery winner who could understand how overwhelming the win is, is Nabilia Bataresh from Calgary, who said that she was relieved to win “only” $12.5 million on the Lotto Max game.Most of all, our Hamilton lottery winner has said that he is relieved that he will no longer have to worry about money and bills, much like a pair of lottery winners from Wasaga Beach who won $50 million on the same lottery.Are you ready for a life-changing windfall? If yes, just grab your lottery tickets online at