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Hobby Leads to $3 million Mega Millions Win
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Hobby Leads to $3 million Mega Millions Win

There aren’t many hobbies that can make you a millionaire. A lucky man from Utah, USA,  loves playing the lottery and August saw him collect a cheque for a $3 million Mega Millions prize.

Refugio Gonzalez Almeida was successful in the July 4th Mega Millions draw. That’s already a special day for Americans but this one was always going to be even more memorable for him. Firstly, it just happens to be his birthday and secondly, it was the date on which he became a millionaire.

Reinvestment pays off

“Playing the lottery is my hobby,” says Almeria. He had some small wins and decided to reinvest his winnings on several lottery games including Mega Millions. Two trips were made from Utah to Malad in Ohio to buy tickets.  It was the second trip that led to his $3 million Mega Millions win.

It took him a month to check the tickets he’d purchased in Malad. There were some small wins but then the machine told him he needed to go to the Idaho Lottery Commission. That’s when he discovered his fantastic Mega Millions win,

When asked what he was going to do with his winnings, he said: “I am taking this right to the bank and depositing it!” he said.

Sleepless night

Finding out you’ve just had a big lottery win is not a recipe for a good night’s sleep. That was true for a woman from Henry County in Missouri, USA who won $1 million in the August 4 Mega Millions draw,

It was late at night when she checked the results and discovered her fantastic win. Unsure about her win she screamed for her husband to confirm that they really had just become millionaires.

After that life-changing moment a restless night followed: “I only got two hours of sleep,” joked the Mega Millions winner. The lucky player wants to use some of her winnings for when the couple retire.

The next Mega Millions draw is on Friday September 8 and has a jackpot of $122 million.

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