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Homeless Michigan man saves winning Lotto 47 ticket from the trash
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Homeless Michigan man saves winning Lotto 47 ticket from the trash

A homeless man from Michigan realised his Lotto 47 ticket was a winner after throwing it. He then revealed that he dived into a dumpster to save it.

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The lottery winner claimed his $4.82 million from Michigan Lottery officials this month. He won one half of the Lotto 47 jackpot from October 10, 2018. The winner  had bought his ticket from a B&D Mini Mart store in Munger, Michigan.

Dumpster dive

Many lottery players choose the same numbers for years and the Michigan winner is no different. “I have been playing the same numbers of Lotto 47 for more than two years,” the player said before describing how he almost missed out. “I accidentally threw it away and had to climb into a dumpster to get it back. I am so lucky that I found it.” The Michigan man explained that he has had a difficult few years. An injury meant that he couldn’t work and had to claim disability benefits. “Winning this prize has turned my life around in an instant,” he said. He added that he’ll be able to spend some of his winnings on medical care that he couldn’t afford before. This will improve his quality of life and help him to get back on his feet.

Those lucky numbers

The winning numbers in the October 10 draw were 5, 12, 24, 31, 35 and 42. The Lotto 47 winner said that he was stunned to see his six numbers matched. He only checked his winning numbers the day after the draw. “As soon as I saw they matched, I started shaking and haven’t stopped since” he exclaimed. The winner chose to take a lump sum of around $3 million after state and federal taxes were withdrawn.

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