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How Online Lotteries can help save trees and our oceans
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How Online Lotteries can help save trees and our oceans

We have a lot to think about at present, but our attention does need to be turned towards saving the oceans. Monday 8 June was World Oceans Day, part of a whole week aimed at looking at the problems that they face. It’s also a time to look at if playing online lotteries can help save the oceans.It’s a complicated situation that doesn’t just involve oceans but trees too. You see, forests play their part in reducing ocean acidification an in turn, climate change.

How the Oceans Help Us

Oceans are the lungs of our planet and supply most of the oxygen that we breathe. They are also a major source for other items such as medicine and food, as well as being a vital part of the biosphere. That makes them so important, just as playing a lottery can be vital if you wish to become a millionaire.UN World Oceans Day puts the focus on what we need to do to help them, while also celebrate what they do. This year’s theme is ‘innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.’ New ideas are needed in areas such as technology, resource management, finance, and consumer products.

A life on the Ocean Waves

They all require the spending of huge amounts of money though. Perhaps you could be able to help in some way if winning a fortune playing online lotteries. There is of course already a link between lottery winners and oceans. We’ve reported on lots of successful players who have won a massive jackpot and then headed to the ocean for a luxury cruise.Denise and Robert Scarr from Morecambe, England did just that after their £6.3m UK Lotto win. That could easily be you, if playing one of the many online lotteries on the Lottery24 site. If you are lucky enough to get a big win, then why not donate to one of the many oceans and forests projects?

Helping the Forests Too

Just playing online lotteries can help the oceans and forests. Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire, England received a £2.7m National Lottery Heritage Fund grant. This helped them to spread awareness of the forest that contains some of the oldest rocks on our planet. They appeared over 600 million years ago after volcanic activity in the southern oceans.There are many ways in which we can help the oceans and forests. Buying tickets for online lotteries is one of them, so get yours today from Lottery24!