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Irish EuroMillions millionaire wins again – in court case
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An Irish EuroMillions winner who took home €115 million has won again after collecting a pay-out of over €8,000 in a court case over a road collision.Dolores McNamara, from Co Clare in Ireland, was involved in an accident near her home at Lough Derg Hall, near Killaloe, in 2015, and this week the crash case came to a head as she received a pay-out worth €8,401. This is less than half of the monthly interest the Lotto winner could be earning from her big win more than ten years ago, but Ms McNamara is thought to have taken the case on as a matter of principle rather than for the money.The 56-year-old mother of six children is thought to be able to earn €20,166 a month in interest payments, but her Mercedes suffered “extensive material damage” in the crash in October 2015. The report said that nobody involved suffered any physical injuries because of the crash, and Ms McNamara did not reveal the level of damages she was seeking. There have been many court cases involving lottery winners that we have reported on, including a Florida Powerball winner who was ordered by a jury to share her winnings with her ex-boyfriend, and an English EuroMillions winner who found himself in court over a £375 bill that he refused to pay to his window cleaner.The EuroMillions jackpot winner is still Ireland’s biggest lottery winner, as she’s estimated to now be worth in the region of €121 million. She bought her home, Lough Derg Hall, overlooking a lake, for €2 million six months after her win, and just four years ago she purchased nearby Tinerana House for €1.46 million for her son, Gary. Recently we have had several big EuroMillions winners in Ireland, including a lottery winner from Tipperary who planned to buy her own home thanks to the big win, and a lucky player who found her winning EuroMillions ticket in her pantry.The court case was due to be heard in a makeshift court in a local pub, but the case was actually settled on the day of the hearing outside of the court itself. The settlement did not include an admission of liability from either party, and the private EuroMillions winner left the pub by a side entrance to avoid being photographed.In the next EuroMillions draw on Friday May 5th there is a whopping £62m jackpot on offer: don't miss this opportunity and purchase your tickets online at