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Irish Lotto Winner Already Planning his own Funeral
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Irish Lotto Winner Already Planning his own Funeral

When someone gets a big lottery win, they usually start dreaming of buying a new house or going on holiday. However, £75,000 Irish Lotto winner David Hesketh from Wigan, England. has instead started planning his own funeral.The 58-year-old had placed a £1 wager on the Irish Lotto Betfred bonus ball game and chose the numbers 27, 35 and 42. He couldn’t believe his luck when he won £75,000 as “the numbers just jumped out at me.” It wasn’t even as if he was feeling lucky that day but the numbers that he’d never used before came up trumps. Then he celebrated his win with a game of pool and a drink with his friends.

Looking After his Family

The father-of-two has decided to give his daughter and son £10,000 each. His daughter will use it for home improvements and his son will be able to put a down-payment on a house. Then the delighted Irish Lotto winner thought to himself, “What am I going to do with the rest?”

No holiday for David

The Irish Lotto winner doesn’t want to move out of his council flat and isn’t a fan of holidays and prefers the shade. He might buy a new car, but he has a serious plan on how to spend his winnings. Rather than splashing out on some luxurious item, he’s been thinking of what happens when he dies. He’s sorting out his will and a funeral and says doing so “is a great weight off my mind.”

Nearly a Millionaire

He could have even become a millionaire as part of the Betfred game. £1m would have been his if correctly guessing the bonus ball in the Irish Lotto draw held on Saturday 9 March. Mr Hesketh went for number 17 but it was 37 that came out, but he’s not too disappointed.“I’d have been happy to be a millionaire of course,” he said but added that he probably wouldn’t know how to spend it. Betfred boss Fred Done joked that if David had won £1m, he could have booked Westminster Abbey for his funeral.

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