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Irish stew brings lottery scratch card success for Nova Scotia couple
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A hearty Irish stew is what a couple from Nova Scotia in Canada have to thank for their $1 million lottery scratch card win.Marilyn Young was making an Irish stew earlier this month when she asked her husband Michael to pop to the store to buy a can of beer which she planned to add to the dish. While he was out, Mr Young also decided to check his Lotto Max ticket, but his wife forgot to remind him to pick up her usual Lotto 649 ticket. Recently a Nova Scotia couple won on the Lotto 649 thanks to the birthdates of their grandchildren.In a convenience store after buying the beer, Mr Young said, “the guy in front of me had a few tickets to check so he let me go first.” He told the Atlantic Lottery that he won $10 on that ticket, but because his wife hadn’t reminded him to get a Lotto 649 ticket as well, he decided not to wait in the line while the store was busy. A New Zealand Lotto winner achieved his $1 million prize because he let another customer go in front of him in the line.Instead, the lottery player’s eye was caught by a scratch card, “it just jumped out at me,” he said of the X Money Scratch ‘N Win ticket which was in the scratch card tray on the counter. He took the ticket, and the can of beer, home to his wife, and scratched off the card while his dinner was in its final preparation stages. A recent Virginia Mega Millions winner said he only bought the ticket which won him $1 million because an ad campaign caught his eye.When he discovered that the scratch card was a $1 million winner, Mr Young took it into the kitchen to show his wife, who responded with “a few choice Cape Breton-style expletives.” The couple said that they’d already gotten advice from a financial planner, and a lot of their winnings will go towards paying off all their bills. Another Nova Scotia couple returned home from a trip to discover that they’d won big on a scratch card.Mrs Young also hopes to take a trip to Ireland, a visit which she’s dreamed about for 20 years, while Mr Young said that he plans to buy a new pair of walking boots. They will both be able to retire early. Two recent Irish lottery winners were actually visiting Americans who were only in the country temporarily, so Mrs Young may well find herself lucky again!Why don't you try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at