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Is Sweden EuroJackpot’s luckiest participant nation?
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The EuroJackpot lottery is played in 14 countries throughout Europe. The EuroJackpot has become a popular European lottery, primarily due to the size of the winning EuroJackpot jackpots. However, there seems to be a correlation between winning tickets and a single nation.Sweden is known around the world for its manufacturing of incredibly safe cars (Saab/Volvo), its classic music (Abba) and even its retail formats (Ikea). These particularly unique Swedish innovations have made the country world renowned. However, one thing many people didn't know about Sweden is the fact it has the highest number of winning tickets on the Euro Jackpot lottery!According to the Swedish media, in 2012, three winners, all anonymous, a 28 year old woman and two men in their forties, where the lucky winners of a € 13,3 million jackpot. Another woman, Amelia Andersdottir, 33, was the lucky winner of a € 15 million jackpot in late 2012. This goes to show that the Swedish seem to be extra lucky when it comes to the EuroJackpot lottery.According to Play Sweden, the country's lottery operator, lucky Swedes have accounted for nearly 33.2% of all winning tickets, over € 100,000 Euros. According to the Gothenburg Times, the country has created 12 millionaires since 2011. So that accounts for one millionaire every two months. That is a seriously good result!So when you are waiting for the EuroJackpot results whilst watching the EuroJackpot draws, take a moment to ponder how much luckier you could be if you were Swedish...Regardless of your location, all you need to do is to buy EuroJackpot tickets and you too could become one of the next big EuroJackpot winners. Purchase your Eurojackpot lottery tickets online now at