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Jamaican woman claims $1 million Super Lotto jackpot shrouded in mystery
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A woman from Jamaica has claimed a huge $1 million Super Lotto jackpot, and she did in while wearing an emoji mask to hide her identity.The lottery winner, known only as N. Gray from Jamaica, won her Super Lotto jackpot in May, and apparently her choice of mask was not just comical, it was also smart. Lottery experts have said that the best thing to do after winning the lottery is to keep your identity a secret. A EuroMillions winner from the UK claimed tier prize wearing an emoji mask also wanting to hide their identity.“I would recommend not telling people,” said a certified financial planner, Nick Holeman. “I wouldn’t necessarily go broadcasting it to the world.”In the USA, most lottery winners are allowed up to three months to claim their ticket before the prize fund expires, but most people come forward much more quickly. A winner from Chicopee in Massachusetts, who won over $750 million on the Powerball lottery last year, claimed her prize within 24 hours of the lottery drawing taking place.However according to lottery experiences, Ms Gray did the right thing by waiting to claim her Super Lotto prize. Mr Holeman said that coming forward too quickly can lead to hasty decisions being made, ones that winners might regret, and even make them targets of crime and greed. We’ve recently told you about another Jamaican Super Lotto winner who took home $75 million in prize money.One of the biggest pieces of advice that lottery winners, including the Jamaican Super Lotto winner, should take, is to find a trusted financial advisor to help them manage their new windfall, and to say no to requests for money. “You have to be smart with who you lend money to and who you help out,” the financial expert said. A lottery scratch card winner from the USA announced that he’d already consulted a financial advisor before claiming his $10 million prize, while we recently told you about how much information a lottery winner needs after they claim their prize, including financial advice.Ms Gray, the Super Lotto winner from Jamaica told lottery officials that she plans to use her $1 million to pay off her debts, do some travelling, and invest the rest in her future and within her local community.Why not purchase your lottery tickets online at to follow in the footsteps of the winner.