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Jaw drops as Ontario man wins $1 million Lotto 649 prize
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A man from Windsor in Ontario, Canada, told lottery officials that his mouth dropped open when he realised that he’d won a $1 million Lotto 649 prize last month.A college student from Maryland also felt his jaw dropped after he won $50,000 on a lottery scratch card, and Raymond Jido won his $1 million on the March 15th drawing of Lotto 649, and told lottery officials that he checked his numbers online while eating his breakfast, it’s a good thing he didn’t choke on his cereal when he saw that he’d won! “I always choose my own numbers,” the lottery winner elaborated, saying that he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that they matched those in the drawing. Another Windsor couple recently won $100,000 on the Lotto Max Encore lottery.Also from close to Windsor, Ontario, are a couple of $26 million Lotto Max jackpot winners from earlier this year, and like them the 75-year-old father and grandfather said that he didn’t quite know what to do with himself after that, “My first thoughts were ‘Who do I call now? I can’t call my wife because she would freak out. I didn’t want to call my daughters in case they were driving,” he explained. In the end, Mr Jido decided to wait until the end of the day to break the news to his family, so that they were all in the house together. An Oregon truck driver who won $9.4 million on the MegaBucks said his wife would also “freak out” when she found out about his win.In the meantime, he went to a nearby Lotto 649 retailer and asked them to double check his ticket. “When I saw the validation slip my knees went weak and I began to shake,” the lottery winner said. “I was having trouble standing straight.”When he finally told his family that he was a big Lotto 649 winner, Mr Jido said that he yelled it into the house “I yelled, ‘Your dad is the million-dollar winner from Windsor!’” he said, adding that one of his daughters burst into tears at the news and the other gave him a big hug, while his wife was frozen in shock. A lottery winner from Western Australia also burst into tears of joy after winning $1.3 million.Now, he plans to pay off his mortgage, buy a new car, and take a family trip.Get a chance of becoming next winner and purchase your tickets online at