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Las Vegas Wedding for £90,000 Postcode Lottery Winners
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Las Vegas Wedding for £90,000 Postcode Lottery Winners

Eight neighbours in Arnold in Nottingham have won £270,000 in the June 12 Postcode Lottery draw.For one couple it means a wedding in Las Vegas.

Partners Denise Bell, 71, and Alan Shaw, 74, have most to celebrate as they won £90,000 between them. Denise won £60,000 because by mistake she bought two tickets for the Postcode Lottery draw.

Dressing up as Elvis

The pair have been together for 29 years and are now planning their much delayed wedding. It won’t be a local affair, now they have this win they plan to go to Las Vegas. It’ll be a family affair and Alan’s son-in-law says the stag night will see them all dressed as Elvis.

By the time that happens, Miss Bell will have a new hip. Speaking about her Postcode Lottery win, Denise said they feared the win was all a con but thankfully it wasn’t. “It feels like we’re in a dream, we still can’t quite believe it,” said the surprised winner.

Also successful in the Postcode Lottery was Chris Adams. The 47-year-old won £30,000 and both he and his wife Emma were left gobsmacked by their win.  They’d previously only had small lottery wins. “Oh my goodness! That’s a bit more than a tenner that,” Chris joked.


Another winner was Chris Adams, 47, who picked up a cheque for £30,000. He found out about his prize alongside his wife Emma and the pair were left gobsmacked. "Oh my goodness! That's a bit more than a tenner that,” joked Chris.

Now the father-of-two plans on taking his family on a holiday overseas. His wife explained how their children have never been on an aeroplane before. “We’ve been promising them for a long time and it can finally happen,” said the Postcode Lottery winner.

Nottingham Forest fan Paul Hovell is still celebrating their recent promotion to the English Premier League. The 57-year won £30,000 in the draw and is also looking forward to going on holiday.

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