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Life-Changing Lottery Win for Two Australian Couples
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Life-Changing Lottery Win for Two Australian Couples

A married couple from Perth in Western Australia has come forward to claim their jackpot win from the February 3 Set for Life draw. Their life-changing Lottery win will see them receive $20,000 a month for the next 20 years.

Business Class From Now On

That means the lucky couple will receive a grand total of $4.8m. The couple has asked to remain anonymous but have given some information to the press. Their life-changing Lottery win will allow them to undertake some charity work in the future. They also want to upgrade to business class for their upcoming trip to Europe. Of course, they’ll also have lots more cash to spend on that trip.The Perth couple were one of two ticket-holders who had a life-changing win in the February 3 draw. Another couple from Marangaroo in Western Australia had already claimed their Set for Life winnings. They also wish to remain anonymous but the husband, who is in his 50’s has spoken about their win.

Hunger Disappears

With such a life-changing win, they will be able to buy plenty of food in the future. However, the husband, who is in his 50s, admitted he lost his appetite when finding out about their big win. “I was really hungry when I went to check my ticket but when I heard I’d won, I wasn’t hungry anymore,” the shocked winner said.Initially, he didn’t know what was happening. The ticket scanning machine didn’t tell him how much his ticket had won. He admits the discovery made him “speechless” but had been feeling lucky due to it being Chinese New Year.

20 Years of Trying

He’s had a long wait for his lottery success. The Set for Life winner has been buying lottery tickets from the Glenview Lottery Centre in Ballaiura, Australia using his favourite numbers for nearly 20 years. Despite the big win though, he believes his wife won’t quit her job as she loves it too much.

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