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Long Island lottery winner celebrates grabbing $148m Powerball jackpot
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Long Island lottery winner celebrates grabbing $148m Powerball jackpot

It was a successful weekend for one Long Island lottery winner. They managed to take down the $148m Powerball jackpot.

A big win for Long Island

On Saturday 18 August, the Long Island player managed to match the numbers 18 - 21 - 24 - 30 - 60 and Powerball 20.The lucky ticket was sold in Merrick, N.Y., at a gas station on Merrick Avenue. Lottery officials revealed that the player used the Quick Pick option to select their numbers.After tax, the Long Island lottery winner will end up with just over $105m in their bank account.The winner is yet to come forward to claim their prize. Officials recommend signing the back of the ticket and to make themselves known to the lottery headquarters.There were also three winners of the second prize of $1m. The winning ticket holders are in Colorado, Nebraska and Ohio. They matched the five main numbers to win.

Two long months to find a winner

Powerball had been rolling over for close to two months. The last Powerball jackpot win came on July 13 2019. That time, the lottery winner came from Tennessee.They matched the numbers 13 - 23 - 32 - 35 - 68 and Powerball 21 to win $198m.For the next Powerball drawing, the jackpot will return to the $40m minimum. You can take part in the Wednesday 21 draw on Lottery24.

Take part in Mega Millions

Mega Millions now becomes the biggest US draw with a $79m jackpot. Make sure to get your Mega Millions tickets on Lottery24 too.