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Long Wait for EuroMillions Jackpot Winner to Claim €86.7m.
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The EuroMillions jackpot of €86.7m was finally won on Friday September 19 and the winning ticket was sold in Ireland. Whoever the lucky winner is, they can’t get their hands on the winnings until Thursday (September 25) so they’ll have plenty of time to plan how to spend their fortune, but just what could they buy?The EuroMillions jackpot had been steadily climbing, but last Friday’s draw saw a lucky player match the five balls and two Lucky Stars drawn. The winning numbers were: 6-8-34-38-48 with the Lucky Stars 3 and 9.Now if you’d won that amount of money you’d be keen to get your hands on it as soon as possible, but that’s not going to happen. A spokesman from the National Lottery explained: “The prize money must be transferred from all participating lotteries across Europe, so it’ll be close to Thursday before that process is complete.”And when the winner finally claims their fortune, just what could they buy with €86,7m? Most lottery winners decide to use part of their new-found fortune to buy a new home. Well with €86,7m they could buy all of the seven most expensive houses currently up for sale in Ireland, and still have €36m to spend.If they purchased some shares in Manchester United they could offer to cover the British transfer record fee the club recently spent on Angel Di Maria. That would still leave around €10m to spend on a defender which they most definitely need after that 5-3 defeat to Leicester yesterday.How about living in luxury? The winner could move into the most expensive hotel room in the world. A night in the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva costs a staggering €50,000. That includes 12 luxury rooms plus 12 marble bathrooms, as well as a private terrace, spanning around 1,700 m² in total. The lucky winner could afford to live there for over 1,720 nights, that’s around four years and eight months.It’s the seventh time that the EuroMillions jackpot winning ticket has been sold in Ireland, and four of those have been in the past 16 months.Don’t miss your chance to become next millionaire and purchase your lottery tickets online at