Lottery News From Around the World

Lottery News From Around the World

Lottery News From Around the World 

More players are celebrating lottery wins. One of the wins was nearly lost and another came on a very special day.  Meanwhile Australia prepares for a massive Australian Powerball jackpot next Thursday.

A memorable Star Wars day

May 4 was always going to be a special day for James Jorgensen from Massachusetts, USA. It was Star Wars Day and he’s a big fan.. His day was even more out of this world when he won a $5.37 million lottery jackpot.

He was wearing a Star Wars hat and shirt when finding out he’d won his Megabucks prize. Now he wants to buy a new home. He’ll also be able to pay the college fees for his children. No doubt a few Star Wars treats may also be on the way for the lottery winner.

$150 million Australian Powerball jackpot

Thursday’s $100 million Australian Powerball draw ended in a sixth consecutive rollover. That means on Thursday May 23, the jackpot will be a fantastic $150 million. It’s expected half of Australian adults will buy tickets for the next draw.

The $150 million jackpot is the third-largest lottery prize ever seen in Australia. Only twice before has the jackpot been this high. 2019 also saw a $150 million jackpot and earlier this year,  two tickets shared the record $200 million Australian Powerball jackpot.

Winning ticket rescued

A woman in the Ban Ban district of Buriram province in Thailand won 4,000 baht (around £87) 
but her winnings initially went down the drain, literally.

A sudden gust of wind blew her ticket away and down a two-metres deep sewer. Now that’s something that’ll never happen if buying tickets from Lottery24.

All was not lost though and a  crane was used  to lower a local official down the manhole into the dry drain to retrieve the ticket.

The delighted lottery player used some of her winnings to buy drinks for her helpers. Speaking about the incident, the 54-year-old said it was a “joy” to win and it was her first success despite being a regular player.

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