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Lottery Winners Helping Others
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Lottery Winners Helping Others

It’s important to use your lottery winnings wisely. That’s what has happened with the players we look at in this article. They have great advice for other winners and have used their luck to help others.

Sit Back and Relax

Peter Lavery from Belfast won a £10.2m lottery prize back in 1996. Since then he’s quit his job as a bus driver and spent his windfall wisely. He received over 9.000 begging letters and didn’t even open them. It wasn’t his first intention to let everyone know about his win. Then he thought, what would people think when he suddenly comes home in his new gull-winged John Z DeLorean car?

He may have bought some luxury items, but the lottery winner soon realised the best way to handle his fortune. When Patrick and Moira Connolly won a £115m EuroMillions jackpot, he had lots of good advice for them. His words of wisdom included telling them to “take a few days to sit back and relax, don’t rush into anything.”

His win has given home reassurance and that could happen to you if buying a winning ticket from Lottery24. The Irishman may be a millionaire, but he says, “the person I am today is, to me, still the person I was in 1996.”

Helping at a Difficult Time

When Irish couple Colin and Eithne Bell won a £1m lottery prize in 2017, they put it to good use. They formed the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust in memory of their son. The charity has the aim of repatriating family members who die abroad. That sadly happened to the couple as their son died in a suspected hit-and-run in New York four years before their big lottery win. They had to raise £150,000 to bring their son back home. Their charity has helped repatriate nearly a thousand people.

Their charity has become even more important this year. The Coronavirus pandemic has seen many borders closed and considerably less air travel. All of which has made repatriating bodies an even tougher job. Mr Bell has called the situation “challenging” but every family that has contacted them has been helped.

To solve the problem, people have been bought home overland. The couple may well have won a massive lottery prize, but they still want to help others. Would you do the same if a ticket purchased from Lottery24 made you a millionaire?

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