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Luck Finally Changes for $10.4m Australian Powerball Winners
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Luck Finally Changes for $10.4m Australian Powerball Winners

When you win a $10.46 million Australian Powerball jackpot, it’s going to change your life forever. That’s just what has happened to a couple from Colyton in Sydney, Australia and it came after a 25 year wait.

The lucky players won a total of $10,467,587.98 in the July 14 Australian Powerball draw. They were the only division one winners in that draw. That’s despite the fact the draw proved so popular the jackpot went over the scheduled $10 million.

A pretty good day

After discovering their big win, the couple spoke to lottery officials. They admitted that it was difficult to believe what had happened. The male half of the couple joked that “today’s been a pretty good day.”

Their big win came after playing Australian Powerball for 25 years. They haven’t always had such luck as this big jackpot win. “We’ve never won so much as a chook raffle or a meat tray,” said the jovial winner. He added: ““We’ll be laughing our way into retirement now that this has happened.” 

Plans for their Australian Powerball win include going travelling and also helping out members of their family.

He then recalled the moment when their Australian Powerball win was discovered.  The results were checked on the app and a massive shock was on the way. Their ticket had matched 01-06-17-20-26-33-35 and the Powerball 05.

In shock

“I could barely stand up!” said the shocked winner. “It certainly wasn’t what I expected to happen today. These things just don’t happen to people like us but I’m sure glad it did.”

Their winning ticket was purchased from the St Clair Newsagents. It's owned by Han Jiang who has finally sold a division one winning ticket after over a decade. He can’t believe that it’s finally happened.

The shop owner said: “It’s made my whole year and it honestly feels like I won the prize too!” He hopes the winning couple have “an incredible time celebrating this life-changing win.” The next Australian Powerball draw is on Thursday with an $8 million top prize.

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