Luckiest Guy in the Universe Wins $1 million Scratchcard Prize

Luckiest Guy in the Universe Wins $1 million Scratchcard Prize

Luckiest Guy in the Universe Wins $1 million Scratchcard Prize

18-year-old Jalen McLean from Raleigh in North Carolina won a $1 million scratchcard prize last month.

Great choice

He didn’t actually buy the winning scratchcard himself. The lucky player gave some money to his sister to buy him a scratchcard. He didn’t even know which scratchcard to play and let his sister, Silas, decide which one to purchase.

Off she went to the Valero in Fayetteville and decided to buy a $10 ‘Jumbo Bucks’ game for her brother and then returned home.

His sister gave him the scratchcard and then sat next to him as he scratched it off. "He had a huge smile on his face," Silas recounted. "Like so big it looked like the movie character Venom,” she recalled.

When collecting his cheque on Wednesday May 22, Jalen said: "I feel like the luckiest guy in the universe.” He had a big smile on his face (again) and laughed when asked what winning a $1 million scratchcard prize meant to him.

“How many 18-year-olds win something like this?" said the scratchcard winner.  McLean had to make the decision on how to accept his winnings.

It was between  an annuity of $50,000 a year for 20 years or a one-off lump sum payment of $600,000, both before tax. He chose the annuity so will know that after tax he’ll receive $35,753 a year until he’s 38. Plans for his scratchcard winnings include buying an Audi.

Dream came true

It’s the latest big win in North Carolina. Last month also saw Daniel Greenan win a $2 million scratchcard prize but he bought it himself in Mooresville.

He was dreaming of a big win and spent $20 on the scratchcard. It won him $2 million and he says “the dream came true.”

Plans for his windfall include plenty of traveling including visiting Hawaii and the Grand Canyon.  UK Lotto winner Tony Kennedy went around the globe  after his £1 million win.

The winner also chose the annuity option and after tax will receive 20 payments of $70,657 for 20 years.

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