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Lucky Dip Ticket Wins Couple £1m UK Lotto Prize
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Aaron Walshaw and Ceri Hall from Ossett in West Yorkshire, England used a lucky dip won in the previous draw to win a £1m UK Lotto prize on July 11. However, they could have missed out on the win as Aaron battled to beat the deadline to buy a ticket.The 32-year-old had already had a bit of luck in the previous UK Lotto draw. He’d won a lucky dip but never dreamed that his free ticket would make him a millionaire.  An Irish couple thought they’d won a lucky dip, but it turned out to be a £1m EuroMillions win.There were only minutes before the deadline for the July 11 UK Lotto draw would be reached. A lady who was approaching the cashier saw he was in a hurry and let him go first. “What a stroke of luck that turned out to be,” said the lucky UK Lotto winner.Richard Davies from Wales bought his £1m winning EuroMillions ticket just four hours before the deadline.  In Canada, Clint Kennedy left it late to buy a ticket that won him a $1m MaxMillion prize.Aaron has been saving up for a holiday with his fiancée, Ceri Hall, 23. In fact, after finally buying their UK Lotto ticket, they returned home and spent some time counting their collection of pennies and were “chuffed” to find they had £50 for a camping trip.It wasn’t until the following day when he returned from his job as a plasterer that Aaron checked the National Lottery app. Recently we told of you of a plasterer in Cork, Ireland who won 30,000 euros on a National Lottery scratchcard.“I had been carrying our ticket all day, unaware I was holding onto one million pounds,” said the UK Lotto winner. A woman from Michigan, USA, took several days before discovering her $1m win on a Super Bonus Cashword scratch card.Neither he or Ceri could believe what they were seeing, and they began dancing around the room in celebration. The UK Lotto winning couple are now planning a “dream wedding” and also want to buy a house big enough to raise a family.Their UK Lotto win most likely wouldn’t have happened as if that lady hadn’t let them go ahead of him and Aaron would love to meet that women again “and say thank you for changing our lives!”Fate could be on your side anytime, purchase your tickets online now at