Lucky Dip Wins £3.8 million UK Lotto Jackpot

Lucky Dip Wins £3.8 million UK Lotto Jackpot

Lucky Dip Wins £3.8 million UK Lotto Jackpot

Nine days before Christmas, Jonny Johnston and Christina Williams from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland landed a £3.8 million UK Lotto jackpot.

Mr Johnston was carrying out some festive shopping but little did he know what was going to happen just hours later. An email was received from the National Lottery telling him there was “good news about his ticket.”

Different numbers

He didn’t check his UK Lotto ticket immediately and believed his win was perhaps a lucky dip. That’s what he won the previous week and that had been used to buy the jackpot winning ticket. Usually he uses the same numbers for every draw and has done so for over 20 years.  Postcode Lottery players also celebrated a big win in time for Christmas.

It wasn’t until the following morning that he checked his ticket and was shocked to see how much had been won.

Too many zeroes

Initially though the 45-year-old thought that only £38,000 had been won. A second glance made him realise that there “were too many zeroes” and the UK Lotto win was really £3.8 million.

His partner confirmed how much they’d won and then told the great news to their three adult children. That’s when the shouting and screaming began to start, along with some jumping around the kitchen. There was no champagne though, just some coffee.

He still went to work despite being a millionaire. His partner added: "We need to keep our feet on the ground, it doesn't make us different people,"

Speaking about the UK Lotto win, he said: “This win will allow us to do things we could only ever have dreamt of before."

Plans for their winnings include the family going on a Caribbean cruise. They’d need a passport first though as they’ve never had a family holiday abroad.

Other planned purchases include a vintage car and a tractor. Getting married is also being planned by the couple who have been together for 25 years.

Christmas 2023 was certainly more special than expected. It couldn’t be anything else with presents including a pair of £450 leather boots and designer handbags.

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