Christmas Miracle for £246,152 Postcode Lottery Winners

Christmas Miracle for £246,152 Postcode Lottery Winners

Christmas Miracle for £246,152 Postcode Lottery Winners

A couple from Alloa in Scotland have described their £246,152 Postcode Lottery win as “a Christmas miracle.”

Off on a road trip

Margo and Vince were lucky enough to have two winning tickets for the draw. They are foster carers and now can’t wait to go on the road-trip of their dreams.

The couple have five grown-up children but currently are fostering four others aged between 6 and 15. After this Postcode Lottery win it’s going to be an “amazing” Christmas.

It’s not been the easiest of years for Vince. Due to ill-health he recently retired from his job as a driver. He’s had long COVID for three years but now says: “I’m coming to the other end now and I’ll be able to really enjoy this.”

Plans for their win include finally being able to tour Europe in a motorhome. Before that, Vince wants to buy a Land-Rover Discovery if his wife lets him. “Margo is in charge of the purse-strings, so we’ll wait and see,” he joked.

In total, over 470 residents shared a £3.2 million Postcode Lottery win. Winning £123,076 was Duncan but it’s not the only good news he’s had recently.

Like I’m in a dream

He’s just been told that after struggling for a couple of years, he’s been given the all-clear in his battle against bowel cancer. No wonder he believes  “it’s like I’m in a dream” after this Postcode Lottery win.

Plans for his upcoming 60th birthday are now being moved up a level or two. He and his wife Alison have already booked a holiday in Turkey but now they’ll be able to take four relatives with them. “I’ll be having the best party ever,” said the delighted Postcode Lottery winner.

A trip to Canada is also being planned for their 36th wedding anniversary. That means Duncan can finally get to see Niagara Falls.

The day the couple found out how much they’d won in the Postcode Lottery, it was snowing. “It was like Christmas morning,” said Alison and then the day just kept on getting better.

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