Magnificent Seven Win $1.4 million TattsLotto Prizes

Magnificent Seven Win $1.4 million TattsLotto Prizes

Magnificent Seven Win $1.4 million TattsLotto Prizes

The first Saturday TattsLotto draw produced seven $1.4 million winners giving the ticket owners a great start to the new year.


One of the winners was a council worker from Cranbourne in Victoria, Australia. He won’t be living there much longer though thanks to his TattsLotto windall. The lucky player now wants to retire and move nearer to his children in Queensland.

He joked that in the past he’d never won anything more than a raffle. He checked his ticket over ten times before believing he’d won. 

He’s not a regular TattsLotto player but with a big jackpot he thought to himself: “Oh, wouldn’t that be nice to win.” A ticket was purchased and the rest is history.

How much?

In South Australia, a man from Oakbank was also a division one winner.He’d forgotten to check the results on Saturday evening.

It wasn’t until after he’d had breakfast on Sunday morning that he discovered his win. “Luckily, I was sitting down at the time,” he joked. At first though he thought his win was only $1,400. A  New Zealander thought he’d won $8,333 on the Lotto,  but it turned out to be $8.3 million.

Then he looked again and thought ‘hang on, the commas in the wrong place and there’s too many digits.’ He then realised his TattsLotto ticket had made him a millionaire. He plans to help his children and take a holiday.

No idea

In New South Wales, a player from LIsmore had kept their winning ticket in his car. He had no idea of his TattsLotto win until receiving a call on Sunday morning.

It’s been a tough few years for him but says this win has “changed my life.” He’d been playing the winning numbers for over 15 years but not every week. He did for the January 6 draw and he’s “glad” he did.

So shaken was he at the news he was going to have a cup of tea to calm himself down. He says some time will be needed before deciding how to spend his winnings.

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