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Maryland man wins big Keno prize after kayaking to local bar
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A man from Forest Hill in Maryland has won a huge $37,539 prize on the Keno lotto after Kayaking up to his local pier side bar in Ocean City.Stephen Harker took his kayak up the river to Sneaky Pete’s bar by the pier in Ocean City to have a few drinks and some fun with friends, and by the time he was kayaking back home he had won $37,539. The lucky Keno winner said that a few years ago he picked out a random selection of Keno numbers which he has played with ever since. An Irish Lotto player finally won the jackpot earlier this year after playing the same lucky numbers for 30 years.So, on June 16th Mr Harker used those very same numbers, 2, 12, 21, 22, 23, 32 and 43 on a Keno ticket which he bought while at Sneaky Pete’s bar. The 48-year-old told Keno lottery officials that after he tied up his kayak he wagered a bet on the lottery game, using the Super Bonus feature and buying in for 10 games. An Australian who won $1 million on the Gold Lotto didn’t buy his ticket after kayaking, but they did plan to buy a boat with the proceeds, just like an Ontarian who won over $261,000 on the Canadian Lotto Max and talked about buying her own boat.He watched with his friends as his lucky numbers began to appear on the screen one by one, and he said that he couldn’t help but be surprised by his luck. His one ticket had won him three prizes, one worth $27, one $12, and the final one $37,500, but it took him a while to work out exactly how much he’d won before his jaw hit the floor. Another Marylander who won big on the Keno Lotto said that he was crying tears of joy after winning $30,000, while another Keno player took home $30,000 on the lottery after choosing some of her favourite numbers.Mr Harker works as an attorney and owns a couple of businesses local to the Maryland area. He told lottery officials that he plans to use his winnings to pay off some of his bills and put some of it into savings for the future.Trust your luck and purchase your tickets online at