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Maryland police officer wins $50,000 on the Bonus Match 5 lottery in memory of his dad
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A police officer from Capitol Heights in Maryland, USA, has won $50,000 on a Bonus Match 5 lottery ticket which he bought because he remembered how much his dad used to enjoy playing.The police officer was running errands while he was off duty when he found himself in front of a store where his recently passed father used to spend hours playing Maryland Lottery games. Another Maryland cop recently won $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery scratch card. The Capitol Heights resident said that his father used to enjoy playing so much at Freddie’s Liquors in Forestville that it was his favourite lottery retailer, something about the lottery luck he used to find there might have had something to do with it as well. It wasn’t long ago that we told you about another Forestville resident who won on the Bonus Match 5 lottery.So, when the law enforcement officer found himself in front of the store not long after his father’s passing, he knew he had to stop in and buy a ticket in memory of his dad. “My dad played the Lottery several times a week,” said the 47-year-old lottery winner. “I don’t play quite as often, but when I buy tickets it gets me thinking about how much fun he had with them.” A man from Connecticut recently won $1.5 million on the lottery using his late father’s numbers.The husband and father bought his Bonus Match 5 ticket for the drawing on October 16th, and checked the results on his Maryland Lottery app the day after the draw took place. He told lottery officials that his heart began to race as he made his way home. Family connections are common in lottery wins, as a recent Connecticut mother won $1 million on the Powerball using her children’s birthdays.“My wife told me that my eyes were as wide as she’s ever seen them when I got home,” the lucky Bonus Match 5 winner said. Now that the Bonus Match 5 winnings are the in bank, the Maryland Lottery winner said that he plans to spend some of it in paying off some debts, but together with his wife he also hopes to put some of it aside for future travel. A recent scratch card winner from Ontario in Canada was able to live out her dream of travelling to Europe after winning $100,000.Take the first step towards your dreams and purchase your tickets online at