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Maryland scratch off player wins $50,000 prize on second ever ticket
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A Maryland Lottery player who was trying his luck for the second ever time has found his fortune on a scratch off ticket, to the tune of $50,000.The lottery player, who is from Pennsylvania but was playing the Maryland Lottery on his way through the state, told lottery officials that in the same day that he bought his first and second scratch off tickets he found himself a top prize winner. The Sidman, Pennsylvania, man is a property manager who was travelling between sites in Maryland and bought a scratch off ticket from Dash In in Upper Marlboro, feeling very lucky indeed when he scratched it off and revealed $100. A couple from Florida won $100,000 on the Maryland Lottery while they were visiting their daughter.The 54-year-old went back into the same store to claim his $100, only to find out that the man behind him in the queue had won $500 on his ticket. A recent $177 million Mega Millions winner was also driving between jobs when he took home his jackpot. Determined not to be overshadowed, the $100 winner then went back to the store a few hours later when he was travelling back through Prince George’s County, and used his previous winnings to buy a $2,000,000 Fortune scratch off ticket. Not long ago another Maryland Lottery player won $10,000 on a ‘speaking’ scratch off ticket.Back in his car outside the store, the Maryland Lottery player scratched it off while sitting in the front seat, and couldn’t believe his eyes when he uncovered a $50,000 prize. “This is the luckiest I’ve ever been,” the Pennsylvania lottery winner said. A family syndicate from Ireland had beginner’s luck when they won €500,000 on their first ever EuroMillions ticket, while a Florida man won $2 million on the Powerball the first time he’d ever played the lottery.As he was already in Maryland, the out of town winner decided to go and claim his prize straight away, and made calls to his wife and co-workers before attending Maryland Lottery headquarters. Talking to lottery officials about his win, the lucky second time player said that the $50,000 prize will be spent on paying off some of his mortgage and taking a trip.Why don't you try your luck and purchase your tickets online at