Message in Head Leads to £411,238 Postcode Lottery Win

Message in Head Leads to £411,238 Postcode Lottery Win

Message in Head Leads to £411,238 Postcode Lottery Win

Sometimes you really should follow your feelings. Leyla Eaton from Tilbury in Essex, England, had a “strong feeling” she should start playing the Postcode Lottery. That’s what she did and now a £411,000 win has come along.

It was in February when the 33-year-old was sitting at home and “a message” suddenly appeared in her head. Just why it was the Postcode Lottery that she was thinking about isn’t known. “I wasn’t following the social media, and I don’t watch normal TV,” said the surprised winner. Later that night she joined up and the rest is history.

In total, the mother-of-two’s win is £411,238, not a bad return after having spent only £36 on tickets. The win has come after a tough past year for her family. Her husband Jamie (with whom she runs a courier firm) has been unwell and is soon to have surgery on a hernia.

Off to New York

Plans for their Postcode Lottery win include taking her family on a festive trip to New York. That’s something her children have been dreaming of for years after seeing the movie ‘Home Alone 2.’ Before that there’ll be a holiday in southern Turkey.

On his knees

Also winning a £411,238 Postcode Lottery prize was Henry Aimiuwu. The chemistry teacher and father-of-three fell to his knees and began crying when the winning amount was revealed.

Henry admitted that he’d had a sleepless night after being told of the win but only thought they’d both won £10. A woman from Tasmania in Australia  had a sleepless night after her $1 million Lotto win.

His wife Roberta said that he was still looking at the Postcode Lottery website at 2.00am. “I told him to calm down,” she joked.

He’s now planning some fantastic holidays abroad. The family will be heading to the Portuguese island of Madeira and further afield to Canada thanks to their Postcode Lottery win.

Work colleagues have been telling him how great Madeira is to visit. “What a feeling,” the delighted Postcode Lottery winner said.

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