Michigan Player Wins New Year’s Day $842.4m Powerball Jackpot

Michigan Player Wins New Year’s Day $842.4m Powerball Jackpot

Michigan Player Wins New Year’s Day $842.4m Powerball Jackpot

A lottery player from Michigan, USA, had the perfect start to 2024. Their ticket won the massive $842.4 million Powerball jackpot on the very first day of the new year.

First win since October

Their ticket was the only one able to match 12-21-42-44-49 and the Powerball 01. With a selection like that it rules out the lucky winner using birthdays and anniversaries to choose their selection

No one has yet come forward to claim their fantastic winnings. The Powerball jackpot hadn’t been won since mid-October.

Before the draw, it was thought that the jackpot was $810 million, but final ticket sales pushed it up to $842.4 million. That huge demand meant that by draw time it was the fifth-largest Powerball jackpot and the 10th-largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever won.

Historic Win

It was an historic win because never before in Powerball history has the jackpot been won on New Year’s Day. After 32 years it’s finally happened and whoever has won the top prize now has some big decisions to make.

Firstly, there’s how to accept their Powerball win. They can either take the full $842.4 million in yearly payments over 30 years or accept their winnings as a one-off lump sum cash payment of $425.2 million. Whichever is chosen there will still be taxes to pay on their winnings. Then there’s the decision whether to go public about their windfall or to remain anonymous.

The first Powerball draw of 2024 had been due to have a top prize of $810 million. However, such was the demand for tickets that it ended up at $842.4 million. That meant it was the fifth-largest jackpot and the tenth in the history of American lotteries.

Perhaps whoever has won will use their lottery windfall to buy property and cars just like  Edwin Castro who won the record $2.05 billion Powerball jackpot  in 2022.

The next Powerball draw is tonight and the jackpot returns to $20. WIll we see a second win of the year?

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