Michigan Powerball and Scratchcard Players Become Millionaires

Michigan Powerball and Scratchcard Players Become Millionaires

Michigan  Powerball and Scratchcard Players Become Millionaires

A 32-year-old man from Michigan, USA, isn’t a regular scratchcard player. He doesn’t really need to be as his second ticket bought this year won him a $6 million prize.

The Wayne County resident bought a 500x Money Maker ticket from a 7-11 store in Clinton Township. That wasn’t his initial idea when going into the store. He had other items to buy but then he saw the scratchcard  game that has changed his life.

He asked the clerk what the ticket number was on the next 500x Money Maker ticket. When told it was 14 he just had to buy it. Why? Well, that is the lucky number for both him and his wife.

The scratchcard was purchased and a massive shock was on its way. It revealed a $6 million win and the shocked winner began to hyperventilate. He even had to take the day off work.

A text was sent to his wife saying: “Lucky number 14.” She replied: “What do you mean? Are we millionaires?” Only when he got home did he tell her their great news.

Retirement isn’t being planned by the scratchcard winner. He plans to use his winnings to start a new business. Some investments are also being planned and helping his family.

It’s been a lucky time for players in Michigan. Last month saw the  $842.4 million Powerball winning syndicate from the state claim their prize.

On June 12, Lisa Cecil, 66, won a $1 million Powerball prize. It was after midnight when she discovered her big win.

It may have been late but she woke everyone up to tell them what had happened. When they checked her ticket, her Powerball win was confirmed.

The lucky Powerball player says she “never dreamed I would win a prize like this!” Plans for her windfall include sharing it with her family and paying off her home.  

Tonight’s Powerball draw has a jackpot of $138 million. Who knows, whether you’re an occasional or regular player you might just win the jackpot.

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