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Michigan woman realises she’s $1 million richer days after buying scratch card
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A Michigan woman has won $1 million on a scratch card, but she didn’t realise for several days after she scratched it.The 60-year-old lottery player from St Clair County in Michigan, USA, first thought she’d won $500 when she scratched off her Super Bonus Cashword instant scratch card, but it wasn’t until two days later that she realised it was worth $1 million. The lottery ticket is a crossword game where in order to receive the $1 million top prize you are required to matched 10 words in total. Last year another crossword scratch card player got their prize all wrong when they first checked their ticket.The Michigan scratch card player said that at first, she only saw seven matching words, thinking that she’d won $500, and she took it to her local store, the same gas station where she’d purchased it, and they told her it couldn’t be cashed. The scratch card winner took it home with her and had another look, this time spotting nine matching words which would have brought her prize up to $5,000.However, it wasn’t until the next day that the Michigan woman looked at her scratch card again and realised that she’d missed one more word and she’d actually matched all 10, winning $1 million. “I thought: ‘This can’t be real!’” An Iowan who won $4.28 million on the Lotto America earlier this year also said he couldn’t believe it was real.The winner continued: “So, I called the lottery and when the woman on the phone confirmed I’d won $1 million, I started shaking so much I dropped the phone.” A Detroit woman who won on a scratch card said she was shaking with excitement after winning, while a National Lottery scratch card winner from the UK said he felt the same after winning £250,000.The scratch card winner decided to take her $1 million prize in the form of a one-time lump sum payment which will be worth around $634,000 after taxes are withdrawn. The Michigan woman said that she plans to use her winnings to pay off some debts, travel more, and save for the future. A $10 million Cash Spectacular winner also wanted to pay off his debt and spend more time with his family.You too could become a big winner... purchase your tickets online now at