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Mistake and Good Advice Lead to Powerball Wins
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Two players in Tennessee and Michigan, USA, are both celebrating recent Powerball wins. Both needed a little bit of help to win their prizes.It’s often a great idea to listen to what your father has to say to you. It’s certainly worked out for Donald Coffman from Tennessee, USA because it’s made him a Powerball millionaire after winning $2m in the August 18 drawThe big Powerball win came after his father told him to buy a ticket for the Powerball draw. “He told me to play and dream big. So, I did,” said the Powerball winner.  In Scotland, Geordie Rhoderick had his wife to thank for their £1m EuroMillions win.When Coffman realized his Powerball ticket had made him a millionaire he called the store where he purchased his winning ticket. “They were screaming and screaming. They were as excited as us,” he recalled.Plans for the Powerball winnings include buying a new house and it’ll have a “man-diva cave.”Linda Keyancuk from Michigan, USA, won $100,000 playing Powerball but it was a total mistake the way that she won them. The 64-year-old had meant to go out and buy a multi-draw Powerball ticket when going to a local store on August 8 starting with the Powerball draw due to be held that evening.However, she made one big mistake that proved in the end to be very profitable as she accidentally purchased six Powerball tickets for the draw. Her numbers came up and she won $100,000. Englishman Stuart Powell won £1m playing EuroMillions after a mix-up over which draw he wanted to play. Another English player, Lee Kirk, wanted to buy a UK Lotto ticket but instead ended up buying a £50,396 winning EuroMillions ticket. Mistakes happen in Australia too, when the wrong kind of ticket resulted in a $976,000 Australian Saturday Lotto win."I didn't realize my mistake until the next afternoon when I logged in to my lottery account and saw I had won more than $100,000!" she said. The lucky Powerball winner added “People like me just don’t win money like this. It’s unreal!”Linda plans on using some of her rather fortunate Powerball winnings to go on a trip. We don’t know where she wants to go, perhaps she’ll go to New York City which is where Thomas Escajeda from Des Moines in Washington, USA, went to after scooping $180,000 playing the Hit 5 draw.Try your luck and purchase your tickets online at