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Mystery EuroMillions winner misses out on their chance for £12 million
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Last Wednesday the time ran out for a mystery EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle winner to claim their prize, sending their £12 million lottery winnings to charity.Although the money has most certainly gone to a good cause, if the mystery winner discovers his or her ticket only to find that they have missed out on this phenomenal prize, well, they must be kicking themselves.The ticket was bought on Friday, May 31st of this year in the Ladywood district of Birmingham, and whoever held the lottery winning ticket had until 11pm on Wednesday, November 27th to claim their prize.The prize money from the ticket, worth £1 million per month for a whole calendar year, will now go to National Lottery Good Causes who will share out the lottery prize money between charities and worthy causes across the country.The winning Millionaire Raffle number was JRG437445, and it was sincerely hoped that the lucky winner would come forward in the dying hours to claim their deserved prize. Camelot insisted that they would not give up hope until the clock struck 11pm last Wednesday, recalling a lottery prize of £2.5 million in the same county that was claimed within the last 24 hours of the deadline no more than a few years ago. The Lord Mayor of Birmingham supported Camelot’s campaign to find the winner and he began a countdown clock in the city centre hoping to attract the winner or somebody who may have known him or her.The Ladywood area of Birmingham is one of the most deprived areas in the country, and so it is surprising that whoever won the lottery prize did not jump at the chance to claim a massive £12 million, which could have bought them over 100 houses in the area. Unfortunately however, the winner from Ladywood never came forward, despite the efforts made by the National Lottery. We hope not to hear stories like this too often!If you purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at you will be informed in writing of all your winnings, including the Millionaire Raffle ones.