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Mystery Oz Lotto jackpot winner has finally claimed their prize
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Mystery Oz Lotto Jackpot Winner has Finally Claimed Their Prize

The mystery Oz Lotto winner has finally come forward. The Tasmanian took ten days to claim their $23.3 million prize.The lucky Oz Lotto winner bought their ticket in Hobart. The island off the south coast of Australia was eagerly waiting for close to two weeks to find out who won the massive prize.

The Oz Lotto winner remains a mystery

The mystery Oz Lotto winner may have come forward, but they remain a mystery. The lucky lottery player decided to remain anonymous when they claimed their prize.The winning ticket was purchased from Hobart City Lotto on Argyle Street in Hobart. They were one of three division one winners.The Oz Lotto drawing in question took place on Tuesday, March 26. The other two winning tickets were held by the same player in Victoria after they mistakenly bought two tickets with the same numbers for the same draw

A life-changing prize celebrated in private

The winner will celebrate their life-changing Oz Lotto jackpot in private. Lottery officials said they were delighted to have finally found the mystery winner.“We are ecstatic to be able to unite the rightful ticket owner with this life-changing win,” a spokesperson said. They added that lottery officials were as eager as everyone to solve the Oz Lotto mystery.How the $23.3 million will be spent is now anybody’s guess. “Other Oz Lotto winners tell us that their multi-million-dollar prizes give them financial freedom for life,” the spokesperson said. They suggested that it could be shared with family and friends. The winner might use it to travel or to buy their dream home. “However our winner plans to spend their windfall, we know it will change their plans for the future!”

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