£1m EuroMillions Win is No Joke This Time

£1m EuroMillions Win is No Joke This Time

£1m EuroMillions Win is No Joke This Time

Five years ago, Charlotte Peart played a trick on her husband regarding a possible lottery win. Just three weeks later she won £1 million playing EuroMillions. Five years later, an audio clip of her finding out about her win has been released.

The former admin worker had received an email from the National Lottery about a win. However, she thought it’d probably just be for £3. When eventually she checked her ticket, she was in shock to see how much had been won.

Brilliant day

When calling Camelot to have her win confirmed, her initial response was “I think I’m going to cry.” The National Lottery employee congratulated her and said “have a good day.” The EuroMillions winner replied “I’m having a brilliant day, cheers!”

Previously she’d tried her best to convince her husband that they had won a £250,000 lottery jackpot. Therefore, convincing him that they were now lottery millionaires was a tough task. A screenshot of the winning EuroMillions ticket was needed to convince him.

When Charlotte made her online entry to the EuroMillions draw, she used the last £1.50 that was in her account. Little did she imagine it would win £1 million.

The EuroMillions winner has been speaking about life since then. Part of the £1 million has been used to set up a business. A family home has been purchased but most important is the fact more time can be spent with husband Daniel and their three children.


Two labradors have also been purchased and one has a very special name. It’s called ‘Millie’ which is short for millionaire.

Anita Pires works at the National Lottery call centre. Talking about her job she said: “Reactions differ enormously, I’ve heard it all.”

Over 7,000 millionaires have been created by the National Lottery since it began in 1994. How do winners react to their amazing news?  A poll found that 13% of them began to run around the room. The same percentage began crying and 5% started to dance. How would you react?

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